WOW - Car shipping Vancouver to Toronto for $1400


British Columbia and Ontario are on opposite ends of our largely wide and vast country of Canada. When it comes to inter provincial car shipping, going between the province of Ontario and the province of British Columbia is quite a long distance to ship a car by ground. It is not the farthest, after all - you could ship from Vancouver to the farthest reaches of the east coast of Canada, including Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. Those provinces are on the easternmost coast of Canada. You could also include Nunavut in that list, although it is more to the north east and does not go as far east as the rest of them do. 


Ontario is not as far to the east as the rest of the above provinces are. However, the Greater Toronto Region of Ontario is where we base our operations. Many of our customers either live in or work in Toronto, or have business reasons to participate in international and inter provincial import and export of vehicles and other goods and products. As such, we like to include the rate of shipping cars from whichever city or province or country that we are writing about to the city of Toronto in the province of Ontario. We used our rate calculator located on the home page of our Cargoux web site to determine that it would cost you $1400 to ship your car from the city of Vancouver in British Columbia back home to Toronto in the province of Ontario.


Canada is the second largest country in the entire world, when we are talking about the size of the land. The only country that manages to larger total amount of land than we do here in Canada is the country of Russia that is just a little bit to west of us. Russia does not border Canada - in fact, the only border we have is the one with the United States of America to the south of us, and to the west of us when you include the state of Alaska. Russia is across the ocean to the west, but still fairly close to us geographically speaking. But in any case, having such a large amount of land means that transportation and shipping from one side of the country to another can sometimes get a little tricky. Most countries in the world are not as large in total than the size of the distance between the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. In fact, when you google map Vancouver to Toronto, the track you get is a 40 hour drive mostly through the United States. The distance of this drive is 4383 kilometer, or four thousand three hundred and eighty three kilometers. 


Needless to say, this is not simply just a day trip. So of course, if you are shipping your car between the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, it has to travel a much larger distance which costs more than it would if you were simply importing a car in Toronto from a nearby location such as Montreal in Quebec just to the north east. If you need to ship your car between provinces or between countries, we here at Cargoux would be happy to help.



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