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Nova Scotia is a small maritime province a few provinces to the east of Ontario. The capital city of Nova Scotia is Halifax, and it is the main port city used in Nova Scotia. It is the second smallest province It is about as far east as you can go in Canada, which gives you a really convenient and easy access way to Europe via the North Atlantic Ocean. Of course, we are using the words convenient and easy to access relatively when comparing it to other provinces, but it is still quite a ways away - you are not going to be able to swim across the ocean to Europe yourself. We would highly recommend using a ship or plane of some sort if you wish to make that particular voyage from Halifax. It is the same with your car. You will not be able to simply drive it across the ocean to Europe, but the fact that Nova Scotia and Halifax are on the water means that it is easy to ship your car across the sea from there.


According to the Cargoux rate calculator on our home page, shipping your car from Nova Scotia to Toronto in the province of Ontario would cost you $950. Nine hundred and fifty dollars, for ground transport. Now, I know what you are thinking. "Ground shipping, to or from Halifax in the province of Nova Scotia? But is Nova Scotia not a maritime province and thus an island? How would you even be able to manage that?" Well, that is actually an easy question to answer. Unlike Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia is not actually an island. It is a peninsula. The difference between an island and a peninsula is that while most of a peninsula is largely surrounded by water, it is connected to a larger land mass. It is not a standalone land mass in the water, like an island would be. Think of Florida, down in the United States of America - it is still fully connected to the country, just sort of extends down to the south and into the waters that surround it from most sides. 


Cargoux Shipping specialize in shipping your car inland and overseas from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

So because Nova Scotia is a peninsula and not an island, shipping your car from the city of Halifax in Nova Scotia to Toronto would simply be a matter of either driving it there or having it transported there by ground. From Nova Scotia, we would transport your car across New Brunswick, then into Quebec, and finally down into Ontario. From there, it would be delivered to its final destination in Toronto. Or in whatever other city you need to get your car to. We use Toronto as our example city as that is where we operate, but you can always find a way to get your car exported to wherever it needs to be. And if you need to ship your car across the sea to Europe, methods of ocean transportation are also available. So if you are planning on shipping your car to Toronto from Halifax or anywhere else, we at Cargoux would be glad to help you.

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