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If you make our introduction succinct, we can announce that we are the most reliant company that excels specifically in the international transport of automobiles and vehicles. We specialize in providing our customers and clients with special picking up service and delivery of cars and vehicles from inland locations. Furthermore, both at the port of origin and destination, we also excel in loading the cars that have to be shipped in containers.

So, if our service of exporting car overseas is taken into account, we use the shipping through container technique. It is because we believe that this method is highly reliable safe and poses minimal or no damage to the vehicles or car. Furthermore, car container shipping is considered one of the most viable methods of overseas or international transportation and export. Thus, when we are exporting cars, we particular further this method of transportation to overseas.

Another reason is that if we export the cars in containers, we can transfer all the exclusive parts of the cars. This is the upper hand car export in the container has over other standard means of transport. Thus, at the destination of our port, the car arrives ready, fully assembled with all its part and ready to the delivered to the client. And for the most part, the majority of the car shipments travel overseas by the container service.

The shipping guideinternational shipping to Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria

We also take pride in providing with our customers a simple guide that would tell them how to ship a car overseas and export. This guide is very comprehensive as it provides detailed explanations of every step of the shipping process. The guide allows the customers to get access to all-encompassing information regarding the following steps:

•    How to acquire an estimate on car shipping?

•    How to amass the essential and required documents and necessary paperwork?

•    The process of beforehand preparation of the car to be exported to overseas?

Therefore, it is necessary that the clients follow the steps that we present in a systematic order. It is also possible that they can see the information of each step interchangeably. Nevertheless, by viewing each step in the correct order, they will realize how systematic the whole process is.

Furthermore, we also give our clients full access to contact us. Our committed account in charge will feel obliged in guiding you throughout the car export process:

Acquiring a quote or an estimation of export

At the beginning of the shipping export process, it is necessary that you should acquire a complete estimate on the car of the car. Keep in mind that the duration of the confirmation is one month only. After that period, the confirmation period expires. Also, let us look at the range of services that we offer proudly with respect to the exporting of cars in containers:

•    We excel in providing door to door service

•    We can efficiently undertake the complex task of loading and unloading of the car in the containers both at the host and the destination country

•    All the documentation and paperwork that is the necessary part of the export process, we proficiently deal with them

•    Furthermore, we also take the responsibility of giving marine insurance. It is optional, but those who require it can seek our assistance.

It is necessary to keep a check and deduce the destination charges

The charges that are imposed at the country of destination must also be taken into account if you are shipping the car from the United States. The charges that need to be taken into consideration are:

•    Delivery charges

•    Fees of car unloading at the destination

•    Duties of import

•    The taxes

Keep in mind that as the delivery charges vary in respect to the nature of the vehicle, we collaborate with the regional brokers in order to estimate the charges on each imported article of trade.

So, with so many charges around, our account manager will assist the customers to get a clearer picture of full itemization of charges that are imposed on them at the time of the car’s arrival at the destined port.

Thus, all our clients need to do is to respond promptly to their confirmed estimate. And they also need to provide the required know-how on the vehicle in order to avail the rates on the costs of imports.

Completion of all the paperwork that is the shipping form

So, once you are done with both the first two steps and get a good quote on your on export and the rates, you can then proceed with the shipping process of the car export to overseas countries. In order to begin, first, you need to fill out the comprehensive shipping form that we provide you online. At that point, in a specific aspect of the form, you need to mention particularly whether you need local collection or optional marine insurance.

The step of document preparation

It is essential that you keep all the paper works ready and all the necessary documents for export in your hand in order to circumvent any possibility of delays. So the documents that are essential for the export of cars in containers are:

•    POA Form, the abbreviation of power of Attorney

•    The US citizen needs to present the copy of his passport or EIN letter

•    The Bill of landing

•    The original and authentic title of the vehicle

•    The receipt that authorizes the sale of the vehicle or the export to overseas.

It is incumbent upon the customers to mail the authentic title of the vehicle to our head office. All the other necessary documents that are listed above need to be emailed. Keep in mind that before the car is exported, abstain from mailing the original title of the car overseas. It is because, according


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