car shipping in containers to USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, BulgariaCargoux is the leading international companies that specialize in  export of cars, from one place to another. It extends its car loading in container services to multiple countries. They include the New York City, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and Montreal.

Over the years our company has received much experience with shipping car in container. Therefore, it can load any vehicels such as SUVs, regular sedans, classic or salvage ones, medium sized truck or a pick-up truck. For the client’s shipments, we have various types of containers where we conveniently load their automobiles. At a time, in a single container, we can load up to six autos. Nevertheless, while exporting, the average number of loading cars in containers vary due to both the container size and the vehicle size.


Car loading in a container if moving overseas

Furthermore, it is undeniable that at times car shipping becomes expensive. It is because it isn’t a very smart idea to ship a car on a low appraised value. It may lead up to individuals paying more money than the car is worth of. Nevertheless, we make sure that their professional and expert services, along with the affordable prices they offer can load any car in the container within the budget of the clients.

It is expected from the clients’ part to provide to the destination customs, the original title of the vehicle that is to be loaded and shipped.  If the clients keep our instructions regarding proper documentation and paperwork in their mind, then they can avoid additional charges of shipment at the destination. Therefore, no proper documentation will result in much greater costs.

If by chance we find any of the relevant and authentic car related documents inside the vehicle, we return them immediately to our clients. It is because they might need them to authenticate their ownership at the required destination. We pay utmost concern about the fact that the vehicle is securely and safely placed in the container. To ensure the safety, we use wooden blocks or chocks that help in blocking the wheels from the front, back and sides. Furthermore, we also particularly ensure that the wheels are attached to the container in a robust and secure manner.


How do we load the car in container securely?

We use roll on and roll off method.  This method of loading the automobiles and vehicles of all kind in the container is convenient. This method can load all the vehicles at one time. Moreover, with this technique, the method of loading the vehicles is very secure. It is because the vehicles are fastened with the straps both from front and backside. The best part of our service is that even after the cars are loaded in the container, we constantly pay attention to the strapping. We ensure that throughout the voyage from the origin to the destination, the cars are safe and secured as the straps are continuously adjusting. Once the container is sealed, our custom department also further adds security to the container by running the final check out, and they close the container with a special seal. Thus, the service of the car loading container from our side is safe, and secure from the start, during the voyage and until it reaches the destination.


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