Car export to Gremany from Toronto for only $850

Export your car from Toronto to Germany for $850


Germany is a country that is located in western Europe. The capital city of Germany is Berlin, and the population is about eighty three million. It has a national highway system known as the autobahn, that largely has no speed limit. Thus, it is very popular with car enthusiasts and those who like driving fast. While it is not the largest country in Europe, it has a lot of important ports and borders several other countries. If you wish to export your car into or out of Germany, there are many different options available to you. Depending on how far you are exporting your car, how quickly you need it to arrive at its destination, and how big your budget is, you may choose to export your car by land or by sea. Of course, going from a Canadian port in Toronto is a little more expensive than driving across the border from a neighbouring country, but we can always make it work.


Several European countries surround Germany. To the west, you have the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. To the east of Germany, you have the countries of Poland, Czechia, and Austria. To the north of Germany is Sweden. But Germany also borders two seas to the north - the Baltic Sea to the north east and the North Sea to the north west. By exporting your car across the Baltic Sea or the North Sea, you have access to various shipping channels and ports. More importantly, the North Sea connects to the North Atlantic Ocean, allowing your car to be exported internationally to or from another continent. This is what you would use if you wish for your vehicle to reach Germany from across the ocean.


If you are exporting your car from Canada, you have a few options available to you. We recommend exporting your car from a port in the Canadian city of Toronto, Ontario to the German city of Bremerhaven. That is a popular destination port, a port city on the North Sea's coast, which gives you prime access to the rest of Germany. Bremerhaven is a fairly small city, with an area of only 93.8 kilometers squared, but it is a good place to export your car to. Exporting your car from Toronto to Bremerhaven, Germany would cost you $850. Other options may be available to you if you really need a different route, but this is what we here at Cargoux can recommend to you. From there, you may export your car by land to any country that surrounds Germany, or beyond that. The process involves your car being loaded safely onto a container in Toronto, and being unloaded at its destination once it reaches Bremerhaven in Germany. Feel free to check out our rate calculator if you would like some other estimates..


Wherever you are exporting your car to and from, be it Germany or any other country, feel free to ask us at Cargoux if you have any questions. We would be glad to help you find the optimal route that suits your needs. We have several other articles available on our website, for everything you wish to know about car export.




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