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When it comes to car shipping and exporting throughout Europe, Germany is an important hub. It is among the most influential countries amongst the European union, and has a very large and thriving economy. Much import and export takes place in Germany, both with cargo coming to and from Germany itself, and also things that are shipped from or shipped to other European countries, some of which may be land locked and have no prime access to prime shipping channels that allow them access to the greater outside world. Think of it this way – if you were living in a landlocked European country that borders Germany, such as Austria or Czechia or Switzerland or Luxembour, and you wanted to send your car across the ocean to Canada, or if you wanted to get a car from Canada delivered to you, you would need to ship the car across the ocean. The best and most cost efficient way to do this is to get your car transported by ground to Germany or another nearby port country first, and then 

Now I do not know too much about cars, but I am fairly sure that they are not typically able to drive across water. Cars are pretty heavy too, so unlike lighter packages or letters or general small parcel shipments, they can not be very cost efficiently shipped by air. Sure, there are definitely planes that are capable of transporting cars, planes are big and can fit a lot in them, but one must consider the economic effects of scale and quantity. Let us consider a typical passenger plane. Yes, The passengers on a plane and all their bags and cargo they are bringing with them all together may weigh more than a car, but each of those passengers paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars for tickets to be let onto that plane. How many people fit on a plane? Well, typical planes can fit hundreds of passengers! Each of those hundreds of passengers paid a lot to get on to that plane. Would you want to pay that much to ship your car across the ocean in a plane? Yeah, I don’t think that you do.

Car shipping Germany (“auto versand Deutschland”) we are your car exporters

So because several of the countries that share a border with Germany have no access to the sea on their own, people who wish to ship their cars to another country have to find another way to get their vehicles to their destinations. The most cost efficient thing to do is sending their car to Germany by land first, and then having the car shipped across the sea from a port in Germany, such as Bremerhaven in the Bremen state of Germany. Of course, other options are always available. You can always check with shipping companies that specialize in your region or country, they may be better able to assist you in exporting your car. Of course, Cargoux is always here to help as well, if you are shipping your car to Germany from here in North America. Should you wish to ship your car from Toronto to Germany, it would cost you $850.

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