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If you're looking into some possible places to ship your car to, Polska would definitely be one that is well worth considering. It is a country rich in culture and history, with friendly citizens and very many beautiful sights to see. Located in Europe, it can be one of your favorite stops on your tour of the continent. If you are taking advice from our other articles and visiting Germany, it's just a short drive from Berlin. Northern cities such as Gdansk and Gdynia border the Baltic Sea, and are prime shipping destinations for your car. It is the country I was born in and derive my heritage from, so I could not possibly recommend it enough - it is definitely worth a visit.


The capital city of Poland is Warsaw. With a population of 1.75 million and a huge vibrant cultural scene, it is a city that is worth starting your tour of the country with. There are many restaurants worth visiting to sample some traditional Polish delicacies such as pierogies and bigos - whether you prefer a vegan diet or enjoy eating meat, there's something for everyone with a huge variety and selection. If you prefer historical landmarks and an older feeling atmosphere, Krakow may be more to your liking. Drive your car to one of the historical royal castles such as the Wawel, truly a wonderful feat of historical Polish architecture. As an older European country with a long and rich history, there is quite a large selection of museums and tourist attractions. 


vehicle shipping to overseas and exit port Gdansk Przemysl and WarsawWhile there isn't as obvious a reason to ship your car such as the autobahn in Germany, the country is small enough to comfortably drive across. What better way to explore new places and see new sights than in your very own vehicle? From the majestic mountain ranges such as the Tatra mountains or the Rysy, to the many beaches up north - the natural landmarks are as breathtaking as the man made castles and other feats of architecture. You will have a hard time finding as many wonderful landmarks anywhere else. The older historical towns have older cars and buildings lining the cobblestone streets, and it feels like you are looking into a fairy tale.


Being a relatively poor country, it is a reasonably inexpensive country to visit. Car shipping to Poland for your trip might not cost you as much as visiting some of the bigger more expensive tourist destinations such as New York or Miami. Not everyone wants to be surrounded by such a huge amount of people and feel like a small fish in a big pond, some people appreciate the smaller destinations and enjoy being surrounded by nature. If you are operating on a smaller budget, you can get more bang for your buck by choosing to take your family. With all the friendly people you will meet, the delicious Polish foods and cuisine that you can sample, and many historic landmarks to see both natural and man made, it would definitely be worth a visit. So be sure to include my home country on your list of places in Europe to visit!


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