car shipping Miami

Shipping your car through major transportation hub Car shipping to Miami? As our last article focused on the city of New York. Let us shift our attention a little south to a lower part of the United States of America. Above all, Florida is a major car shipping hub for more of the South East […]

car shipping in containers

Car shipping and exporting service Car shipping in container? In fact, the majority of cases, it is cheaper to transport by container. The shipping containers can be different sizes. For instance, there can be 20′ containers, and there can be 40′ containers. Depending on your needs, other accommodations can always be made. Car safely loaded […]

Car Shipping From Los Angeles

Car shipping Los Angeles, California When discussing major shipping ports throughout the United States of America, one can not forget to mention the ports at Los Angeles in the state of California. California is a coastal state on the west coast of the United States, and the most populated of all the states. It has […]

Car Shipping From Houston

car shipping from Houston, USA The next state we wish to focus on in this series of articles about shipping cars from cities and states in the United States of America is Texas. It is the second largest state in the US, located in the south part of the country. Specifically, we are focusing on […]

Car Shipping Bremerhaven

Car shipping Bremerhaven, Germany container export company In our previous article, we discussed car shipping in the European country of Germany. Specifically how Germany has a large import and export business because some of the neighbouring countries do not have access to the ocean on their own. Because of that, it is much more cost […]

car export Ukraine

Car export from Toronto to the Ukraine? It is a little known fact that, despite looking like it’s mostly landlocked; Toronto actually connects to the North Atlantic Ocean via Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence Seaway. The St Lawrence River is over three thousand kilometers long. The river drains water from the great lakes to […]

car transport USA

Transport your car from USA to Toronto, Canada for $750.00 Car transport USA? Each of the 50 states has its own laws and regulations. Thus you want to make sure that you do not break them. For example, different states have different gun laws. While this likely is not an issue. You will have to […]

car export to Romania

Car export Romania – $1200 Car export Romania, in Eastern Europe? For those of you who are interested in exporting your car from Toronto to Romania, we have some information for you that may help you with your trip. For those of you who need your vehicle sent for business reasons instead of pleasure, this […]

car export to Holland

car export to Holland, Netherlands for $900 Car export Holland, Netherlands is not a very difficult task. In fact, it will only cost you $900 to transport your vehicle across the North Atlantic Ocean to get to the port of Rotterdam. This is a very reasonable price, as ocean transport may cost you far more […]

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