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Car export information for car shipping

Cargoux Shipping, we handle your complete car export service. We Load your vehicles and ship them from ports. Therefor cities include NY/NJ, Baltimore, Jacksonville. Additional ports include Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto. Norfolk, Wilmington, Savannah, and Atlanta. Cape Canaveral, Port Everglades, Tampa, Oakland, Tacoma, Vancouver, Montreal and Halifax. Our own dispatch department can arrange pick up from any location in USA or Canada. Location might be auction, dealership or even private residence.

Our set land transport rates for car export from 404 locations (auctions) across USA & Canada. We usually try to find the port closest to the location of the auto that we ship for you. In some cases, it is better to ship your vehicle to another port. Perhaps where there is more shipping traffic. We can apply better rates for shipment to your final destination. Usually all we need is the original title for the vehicle that you as the owner purchased.

Florida Requirements

Auto transport from Florida ports requires an original Power Of Attorney from the last owner indicated on the title. This will authorize export shipping. In Addition if you buying the vehicle from a company, a Power Of Attorney must be submitted. This is to confirm that you are the person signing for the company. And that the company authorizes you. Clients can also arrange own delivery to one of our warehouses/terminal.

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Land Deliveries

Actual delivery time depends on location and distance of the car export. Taking weather conditions into consideration, most deliveries will take from 1 day to 8 days of travel time. when shipping from Alaska & Hawaii, this becomes a special order. We will calculate your vehicle for custom price. Please place your orders only when you pay for your vehicle in full. Also be aware of the status of the title. When problems occur with your title, we will try to help you resolve it. As you may be aware a title is required for ocean shipping. We usually pick up your vehicle within 2 to 3 days after we receive your payment.. We guarantee pick up within 5 business days from most locations (90%). However, some locations are ‘difficult’ and we cannot guarantee your time frame.

Ocean Deliveries

Out of USA and Canada presently it is cheaper to car export in containers to the majority of destinations. However in case of single auto transport, Ro-Ro might be more cost efficient than in containers. In cases where the vehicle is very large or won’t fit the container Ro-Ro is usually the only option.

The door of a marine container (40′ High Cube) is 92 inches (92″ or 234 cm) wide and 101.5 inches (258 cm) high. Some boats on trailers which are a maximum of 94″ wide, which might still load in containers (tilted/on an angle). All vehicles we ship is by Ro-Ro (roll-on/roll-off) vessels. Rates are provided on a case by case basis. We load vehicles within 2-5 days (original title present).

But many factors can affect to shipment. Overbooked vessels, shortage of equipment, congestion at ports/terminals and other factors which cannot always be anticipated. All transit times are estimates only and never guaranteed. Steam ship lines sometimes change the route to your destination. We courier document by FedEx and TNT to our agent as the destination port. You may ship your documents by your desired third party company at your request. Our agent will contact consignee that has been indicated on Bill of Lading when the auto transport or container arrives. This notification is a courtesy and is not mandatory.


Terms for payment of car export is indicated always on our Invoice. Payment is usually required 14 days from the date of invoice. After 30 days there are late payment fees as indicated on Invoice.

Our rates include:
US export clearance,
SED – Shippers Export Declaration, 
Regular shipping documents and handling.

There are additional charges for car export:
Marine Insurance (optional) All risks at premium 0.9% of declared value (total loss only for salvage cars),
Courier fees for original Title to US customs and back costs $35,
Courier fees (if required) to destination depends on destination,
Wire transfer fee of $25 for freight payments.

All documents on file are available to view for 12 months. 

If you require documents older than 12 months, we have them available for purchase. Cost of the document is $25.00 per file.

Entire car export is done by Cargoux Shipping Inc., except the Power Of Attorney. In general there is free storage for two weeks, but it might be extended depending on location and present volume. The normal storage rates are $10 per car per day when they must be paid. To confirm your order send us an email with details. You do not have to deal with US or Canadian customs at the departure. On the arrival of the auto at your destination port you or the agent authorized by you has to arrange customs clearance with local customs. At every destination port there are terminal/unloading/handling charges to be paid to the agent. Charges may vary from country to country. The worldwide average for auto transport is $250.

Above all, if you are looking for car shipping and export service look no further. Feel free to contact us at if you need any assistance. In addition, check out our contact page. We’re looking forward to working with you. And making sure your car gets from where it is to where it needs to go.

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