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Ocean Shipping Rates (62 destination ports)  

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Car shipping rates information

  1. Our rates are subject to third party charges so charges on errors and omissions and confirmation at the time of booking may occur.
  2. We operate in US funds and they are based on shipping regular size cars, therefore 40′ HC container.
  3. Cargoux offers “All risks marine insurance”, which can be placed at premium 0.9% of declared value ( salvage – total loss only ).
  4. There are courier fee for sending original Title to US Customs and back and cost $30.
  5. In addition wire transfer payment fee is $15.
  6. Courier fee for sending original Title to destination are not included.

*  Car Shipments from Miami FL for instance, require original Power of Attorney required for authorizing export issued by owner of vehicle shown on title.

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Terms for payment of freight charges

In addition to our terms for payment of freight charges are indicated always on our Invoices. Payment fees ares usually required 14 days from the date of invoice. After 30 days there are late payment fees as indicated on invoice.

Our rates include:

  • US export clearance,
  • SED – In other words Shippers Export Declaration.
  • Regular shipping documents and handling.

Additional car shipping rates for:

  • Marine Insurance (optional) All risks at premium 0.9% of declared value for instance total loss only for salvage cars.
  • Courier fees for original Title to US customs back costs $35.
  • Courier fees for instance (if required) to destination depends on destination.
  • Wire transfer fee of $25 for freight payments.

All documents on file are available to view for 12 months.  Documents older than 12 months are available for $25.00 per file.

In conclusion your entire car shipping process is done by Cargoux Shipping Inc., except the Power Of Attorney. In general there is a free for storage for two weeks. It might be extended depending on location and present volume. The normal storage rates are $10 per car per day. To confirm your order send us an email with details in addition to a follow up phone call. You do not have to deal with US or Canadian customs at the departure. On the arrival of the auto at your destination port you or the agent authorized by you, has to arrange customs clearance therefore the local customs. At every destination port there are terminal/unloading/handling charges to be paid to the agent. In conclusion charges may vary from country to country, so make sure you contact us for car shipping rates.

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