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Cargoux Shipping Inc. is the most dependable company which specializes in international car / auto export. Our company will ship to almost all foreign countries, either in containers or by a method called roll-on/roll off. We will ship all types of vehicles and rolling machinery. From motorcycles to cars, to oversize trucks, to trailers, to boats. We will make your car shipping experience easy, convenient and hassle free. There are NO HIDDEN FEES. Our own dispatch department can arrange pick up from any city in the USA or Canada, either from an auction, a dealership, or even private residence. 

Cargoux Shipping Inc. comprehensive services:
  • Include pick-up and delivery of vehicles from inland locations, including auctions, to all exit ports.
  • Include export customs clearance of Titles / Registrations / Ownerships with the United States or Canada Customs.
  • Include expert loading of cars shipped in containers.
  • Include issuing Bill of Lading for every vehicle shipped with Cargoux Shipping Inc.
  • Offer placing optional Marine Insurance at premium of 0.95% of declared value.
  • Courier fee for Titles to US Customs and back $30, to destination $50-$70, wire transfer payment fee $20.



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