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Car shipping and transport Canada. While our country is not as populous as our neighbours down to the south. Our significantly larger land mass does offer some unique benefits and challenges in regards to car shipping Canada to USA. There are many options available to you – cars can be shipped or transported by a number of different methods.

Land based car shipping in Canada and USA, can be done by driving the car. Also by having it transported across the border by truck. Many provinces share a border with the United States. Thus there are many places that you may cross said border.

But how much would transport your car in Canada cost? Transporting it tends to be fairly simple. Would only run you $350 to get your vehicle from Montreal to Toronto. Only $300 to get to Toronto from Ottawa. Shipping car from Canada across the border tends to cost a little more. Using our rate calculator, here are some numbers using the ADESA auction. From Toronto to the USA car shipping can run you $1150 to get to New Jersey. Only $1450 to get to Miami, and $1750 to get to Houston or Los Angeles. We have other rates and auctions available on the website as well. Check out our rates page. Or you could give us a call. We love to help, and we can help you pick the best option for you.

Transporting your car through Canada

Most provinces in Canada border the United States in some manner. These include New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. From any of those provinces in Canada, your car shipping to the south can get to the United States. Yukon and British Columbia border the state of Alaska to the west of them. However, you will not find an easy way to have your car shipped from British Columbia straight to Alaska. Going from Yukon instead is a much better choice. Parts of Alaska that border British Columbia are largely parks, islands, and nature reserves. 

If you live in the provinces of Nunavut, Newfoundland And Labrador, or Nova Scotia, you do not directly share a border with the United States. Shipping your car to a bordering province of Canada, and then taken to the states from there. Should you live on an island province such as Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland, you will have to look into transporting by sea instead of land. Though Prince Edward Island does have a bridge that connects it to New Brunswick.

Shipping your car across the Ocean

Many provinces border large bodies of water. The North Atlantic Ocean is to the east, while the North Pacific Ocean is on the west side of the country. The Arctic Ocean is to the north, but we would not advise exporting your car that way. It is a little chilly up there, after all. The only two provinces in Canada for car shipping that do not have any direct access to these bodies of water are Alberta and Saskatchewan. The rest have either direct access to the ocean, or access to the Hudson Bay which flows through the Labrador Sea to the North Atlantic Ocean or the Arctic Ocean. The Hudson Bay is a large body of water that borders quite a few provinces. These provinces include Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and Nunavut. There are also several Great Lakes between Ontario and the United States to the south.

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