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Auction car transport. Long, long ago, humanity decided to begin participating in a system of trade and barter. As new goods and services get produced, ways to market, sell, and exchange these goods and services have also been advancing. From the moment something is invented. People can and will find the most efficient ways to market it. One of these goods is the car. Many types of cars exist, many different companies make cars. Many other companies oversee selling them, transporting them, and figuring out other forms of logistics. Today we will be focusing on the Impact auction, and how it relates to the transport of cars.

Many people buy their cars at auctions

Many people buy their cars at auctions. Vehicles are auctioned off online, and people can buy them and have them delivered to their homes. Impact is Canada’s largest online auto auction. It specializes in salvaged, damaged, high mileage, aged, and total loss vehicles. Sometimes these cars are purchased for parts.  While at other times they go to collectors who enjoy fixing up vintage vehicles.

This is where companies like Cargoux come in. We handle car transporting for you, so that your vehicle can get from where you bought it from straight to your house or garage. How would this work, you may ask? Well, let me tell you about how this process works.

Toronto car transport

First off, let us assume that you live in Toronto. That’s the city we operate out of, and presumably where you live as well if you are reading this. You go on Impact auction’s online website at – from there, you can pick out what you need. Browse the different categories, search for specific makes and models, even look through motorcycles and trucks and other types of vehicles.

Further more, once you have found something that you like, you can bid on the auction. Some vehicles on the website have a buy now price as well, if you do not wish to wait or haggle and have decided that they are asking for a fair price. What is a fair price for a salvaged vehicle? Well, it always depends on various circumstances. The make and model and age of the vehicle, how damaged it is, how much distance is on the odometer, and several other factors.

Moreover, if you are unsure, you can always do some research or check with someone who knows vehicles better than you. There are many resources available to you, that can help you decide what’s best for you in your price range.

Impact auction transport

Once you pick out a vehicle and purchase it from the Impact auction, we can have it transported back to Toronto. The price depends on where the vehicle needs to deliver from. Using our Cargoux Rate Calculator, we can tell you that car transport from Sudbury to Toronto would be $450. If the vehicle is all the way in Edmonton, then the cost jumps to $1100. Closer areas, such as London and Ottawa, only cost $300.

In conclusion. it is dependent on how far the car must travel to get back home. Keep this transport fee in mind when purchasing a car from an auto auction such as Impact, so that you are not blindsided by having to pay more than just the sticker price at the auction. Contact us at Cargoux or visit Facebook for more information.

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