Toronto Car Transport

Toronto Car Transport

Toronto car transport.  Many of our clients in the Greater Toronto Area have needs to transport their cars to other cities. Sometimes even internationally to other countries. This can be for quite several reasons. Perhaps they are moving and wish to take their car with them. Other times it may be easy enough to drive your vehicle to your new house if it is not too far away. But that is not always the case. It might be a bit too long of a distance for you to drive. Especially if it is in another country.

Undriveable vehicle, either because it needs repairs or because it is a collection piece that you do not plan to drive. You might not even have a driver’s license.  Not every person who owns a vehicle has one. Most do, but we would not want to leave anybody out. Additionally, many people are selling their cars to other people. Furthermore, somebody purchases your auto from you, then you will need to figure out a way to get it to them. The process of shipping your car to a buyer in another country is known as international car transport.

Transporting cars and your options

So if you wish to transport your car, either to another part of the country or internationally, there are several options available to you. Otherwise if your vehicle’s destination is in another part of Canada or in the United States of America, it can be transported by ground. Land based car shipping does not require too much special preparation. You simply need to know where your car needs to go. It will be loaded onto a truck or transport vehicle, and then it will be driven to its destination.

Once there, the car will be unloaded, and you or the new buyer of the vehicle can pick it up. If you wish to transport your car internationally to another continent, then you will have to rely on ocean shipping. Instead of your car being driven, it will be ferried across the ocean on a Ro-ro vessel.  A process known as Roll-On Roll-Off Shipping.

Toronto has access to Lake Ontario, which does flow into the North Atlantic Ocean. From there, any continent or country is in reach. The transport may take longer than simply having it driven the next province over. But ultimately the end result is the same. Your car will undock at a port in its destination country, and then it can be delivered or picked up accordingly.

transport by land or by sea

Regardless if you transport by land or by sea, and whether or not you are using a vehicle auction, Cargoux has you covered. We can assist you with the process. And make sure your car is safely delivered to where it needs to be. Cargoux have been working with our fellow Toronto residents for years and know exactly what we need to do for you. We will work together with you to ensure that all laws and regulations are followed, customs are cleared, and import fees are paid, so just leave the rest to us.

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