Transporting cars bought from auctions

Transporting cars bought from auctions

Transporting cars? There are many places where you can buy a new car. Most people tend to go to dealerships when they are interested in in getting something new. These dealerships have links to the manufacturers of various types of vehicles and are the customer-facing sellers of new cars. In many cases, they are the only way to purchase a new vehicle – there is no way to get one straight from the original manufacturer. After all, they are busy pumping out more inventory – it is the job of others to sell it for them. This is not always the rule – some companies like Tesla do offer the ability to order straight from them. However, this is the exception, and not the rule.

Production, sale, and distribution may all be handled by separate companies. In fact, we at Cargoux specialize in the distribution section – our job is to get cars transported from their origin point to their destination. If you end up buying an auto, you will have to find a way to have it delivered to your home, will you not? It is only natural to trust those who specialize in international car export if you are planning on requiring this type of service.

Not all people are in the market for buying a new car

Not all people are in the market for buying a new car – brand new vehicles can be expensive! They might go over your budget and will quickly deprecate in value. It depends on what you intend to use the vehicle for – someone who wants a car that will last them a long time may go for a new model and make the best of its entire lifespan. Others may purchase older vehicles – used or salvage cars. Some may be used for spare parts to repair other vehicles with, while others may themselves be repaired.

People in the market for these types of cars may buy them from an auction. Rather than buying a new car from the original manufacturer, they buy one second-hand through one of these auctions. There are many of them including Adesa, IAII, Copart, and Manheim. These are the auctions that are most prominently used in Canada and around the Greater Toronto Area specifically, and so they are the ones that we tend to focus on the most. As such, we are experts at transporting cars bought from these auctions.

Adesa Impact Canada auction

If you purchase a car from the Adesa Impact Canada auction, and that car is located in Edmonton, it would cost you $1100 to have it transported back home to Toronto. The cost to transport a car from Sudbury is only $450. The smaller the distance between the two areas, the less your final cost will be. These rates were gotten from our Cargoux Rate Calculator on our home page.

We also transport cars internationally. If you buy from the Manheim auction which also operates in the United States, the transporting rate from New York to Toronto would be $750. Again, distance affects price, but you also have to consider the border crossing now. There are certain fees associated with crossing the border. They including clearing customs and making sure everything adheres to local laws and regulations. However, all of this is our responsibility – we will make sure that your new car gets to you safe and sound.

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