vehicle transport from AIIA auction to Toronto Canada for export overseas

vehicle transport from AIIA auction to Toronto Canada for export overseas

Vehicle transport from AIIA auction. The AIIA (Automotive Industry Action Group) is a non-profit industry group that promotes the benefits of new and used car auctions as a way to streamline the secondary market. Further more, the AIIA manages auctions in Canada and is owned by its members.  Members include auto dealers, wholesalers, export businesses and local dealerships. In addition to the monthly live action auctions held throughout the year.  AIIA also sells unsold vehicles at an annual season end auction. These vehicles are usually from auto dealers who no longer want them in their stock. Such auction allows you to buy that car at a very affordable rate.

How does an AIIA auction work?

The process for buying at auction is quite simple. You can visit the auction or bid online on the vehicle you want. All vehicles will be clearly marked with a ‘reserve’ price, which is the lowest price the auctioneer will accept for the vehicle. If no one places a bid at or above the ‘reserve’ price, the vehicle will be sold to the seller. When you place a bid, you will be required to pay a deposit at that time, usually 10% of the amount you’re willing to pay. The auctioneer will then continue to accept bids until all the vehicles are sold or until the end time of the auction has passed. If a bid is placed at the end of the auction and no one has bid on the vehicle before, the vehicle will be sold to the bidder.

How to export used cars from Canada?

Vehicle transport from AIIA auction for export from Canada is a relatively simple process. You can either visit an auction where they sell used cars and trucks or you can find a used car dealer near you and make a deal on the vehicle. Once you have selected the vehicle you want to buy, you need to get it inspected and have the seller fill out the necessary paperwork.

The paperwork is required to be completed by a Transport Canada certified mechanic. The inspection is required to ensure the vehicle does not pose a safety risk. The inspection will be for safety, emissions, and mileage. You will be required to pay the taxes every time you cross the border, and you will also need a valid driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. Add the fees, inspection fees, and taxes to the amount of the purchase, and it will let you know the total amount you have to pay.

Tips for buying at an AIIA Auction

Know what you want.

Before you visit an auction, make a list of the specific types of vehicles you want to buy. This will help you focus on the vehicles that meet your needs and avoid getting distracted by everything else.

Visit the auction.

You should visit at least one auction to see how the whole process works. This will help you understand the process better and make you familiar with the auction environment.

Get familiar with the auction terms.

Every auction uses different terms, so it’s important to understand how the auction works and what the terms mean.

Visit the seller.

You can contact the seller to find out the vehicle’s condition and the reason it’s being sold. Make sure you visit the seller at his/her home and not the auction site.


You can always try to negotiate a lower price. The seller will be happy to get a higher price, so you should try to negotiate a lower price.

Consider financing.

Always make sure you have financing arranged before buying a car.

Check the title.

Make sure the title is clear and that the seller is the rightful owner.

Verify the odometer reading.

Make sure the odometer reading is correct.

Take your time.

Don’t rush into buying a car. You may end up with a vehicle that doesn’t meet your needs or fit your budget.

Limitations of AIIA auctions

You can’t test drive the vehicle. At an auction, you can only look at the vehicle and see if it’s in good condition.  Additionally, you  cannot take it for a test drive before buying it. It’s important to inspect the vehicle carefully before buying.  It’s difficult to get financing.  Most banks will not give financing for vehicles bought at auctions, which means you have to pay for the vehicle in cash.

The vehicle may not be roadworthy.  The vehicle may have a bad title, high mileage or have been in an accident.  It is always better to buy a vehicle from a used car dealer because they will have verified the vehicle.  You don’t know who you are buying from.  Also don’t know the seller or have any information about him/her. Someone may end up buying a stolen vehicle.  There is no warranty. You will not receive any warranty on the vehicle.

Final Words for vehicle transport from AIIA auction

In conclusion, buying a vehicle from an auction is a great way to get a car at a low price. However, you need to be careful about the type of auction you visit and which vehicles you choose to buy. It’s important to take your time and do your research before you visit an auction. The best way to buy a vehicle at an auction is to know what you want and be prepared. Before you visit an auction, make a list of the specific types of vehicles you want to buy. This will help you focus on the vehicles that meet your needs and avoid getting distracted by everything else. Cargoux Shipping  will  help you in vehicle transport from AIIA auction. Contact us or visit us on Facebook for more information.

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