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We are a car shipping company that operates out of the city of Toronto, Ontario Canada. While we do serve other areas of Canada, including Montreal in Quebec, Vancouver in British Columbia and Halifax in Nova Scotia,

Car shipping Toronto Methods and prices

Welcome to Cargoux. We are a shipping company that operates out of the city of Toronto, Ontario. While we do serve other areas of Canada, including Montreal in Quebec. We also service Vancouver in British Columbia and Halifax in Nova Scotia.  The purpose of this article will be to talk about car shipping from Toronto. Other articles may address those cities in greater detail, and you could always use our handy rate calculator and both ground and ocean rates for shipping on our website. Simply go to either the Home page for the shipping rates calculator, or the Rates page for both the rates calculator and a listing of both ground and ocean transport rates.

For examples of ground shipping rates, it will cost $1750 to have your car shipped by ground from Toronto to either Houston or Los Angeles. Shipping to New York or New Jersey would only cost $1150. In between that you get a cost of $1450 to have your car shipped from Toronto to Miami. In these cases, you would take advantage of ground-based shipping. 

Ocean vehicle transportation

As for ocean transportation, there are quite a few different options available to you. Where do you need to go? The process remains largely the same – your car will be driven onto a ship and ferried to its destination country. The ship will leave Toronto via one of the Great Lakes into the St Lawrence Seaway, which drains into the North Atlantic Ocean. From the ocean, you have the freedom to go anywhere.

Do you wish to ship your car to Poland? If so, it costs $950 to transport it across the ocean from Canada to Gdynia or Gdansk in Poland. How about Holland? If going to the Netherlands is what you wish, $900 is the cost of transportation between Toronto and Rotterdam. The method of ocean transportation we use is called RoRo Shipping, or Roll-On Roll-Off Shipping. Vehicles are loaded onto the ship within 2-5 days, though certain factors may affect your final delivery estimates including weather, overbooked vessels, lack of equipment, or other factors including congestion. However, your car will definitely arrive where you need it to go safely and quickly.


Other articles go into the specifics and logistics of shipping to specific countries, but all of these prices can be determined by our Rate Calculator. We highly recommend using it if you wish to know how much it would cost you to have your car reliably and safely transported to wherever it needs to go. From Toronto, you have a whole world available to you to ship to.  Make the best of it, and contact us if you need any help or check out our Facebook page. 

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