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Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe, just south of Romania, north of Turkey and Greece. It is east of Serbia and Macedonia, and west of the Black Sea. The logistics of shipping your car to Serbia are very similar to shipping it to Romania. They are close to each other and both border the Black Sea as their main body of water. Feel free to look into our article about car shipping to Romania for a bit more information.

shipping car through The Black Sea

The main shipping ports in Bulgaria border the Black Sea. This sea borders several countries including Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Moldova, and of course Bulgaria. You can ship a car to Bulgaria from any of those countries by loading your car onto a boat and having it transported across the sea. This type of shipping is called RoRo Shipping, or Roll On Roll Off Shipping. Cars are driven onto a ship, the ship ferries your vehicle across the sea, and then your car is driven off the vessel at its final destination.

If you are shipping your car from across the North Atlantic Ocean, which you would be if your origin location is Canada or the United States of America or any other country in North America or South America such as Mexico, Brazil, or Venezuela, you can still use the Black Sea to get to one of Bulgaria’s docking ports. Between Spain and Morocco lies the Gibraltar Strait. The Gibraltar Strait connects the North Atlantic Ocean to the Tyrrhenian Sea, and then the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea then leads to the Aegean Sea, which connects to the Black Sea by going through Istanbul, Turkey. It’s a long journey, and you have to make sure to clear customs, so you should rely on a shipping company that knows what they are doing, such as us here at Cargoux.

Car shipping by land

If you do not wish to ship your car to Bulgaria by sea, it can be shipped there by land. The countries bordering Bulgaria are Romania, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, and Serbia. It would be a very long drive to get your vehicle to Bulgaria by land, but it can be done. Again, make sure you clear customs and make sure that you are shipping with a company that knows what they are doing. Your car is a valuable tool, and you want to be sure it gets to where you want it to go without suffering any damages. 

Once you are finished shipping your car to Bulgaria, be sure to check out the sights and local wildlife. The country has one of the most diverse amounts of local plant and animal species of all of Europe. There are many nature parks, biosphere reserves, and other protected areas. Be sure you look but do not touch. There are, of course, many local foods and tourist attractions as there are in any other country. Bulgaria also exports a lot of wine, if you would like to sample some of their flavors. No wine connoisseur would pass this up! Regardless if you are planning on shipping your car to Bulgaria for business or pleasure, we hope you enjoy your trip.

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