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Car export in containers

People desire to ship their cars from the country of origin to the destination. They find themselves confronted with two prime options. These options entail the method through which the car or vehicles can be shipped. In this respect, you have a choice to ship your car either through the means of a container. And also by the Ro-Ro method that is Roll on and Roll off. This is how we car export in containers.

Our payment strategies

Many people are frequently heard questioning and asking for recommendations as to which method is better. However, keep in mind that whatever method you choose, Cargoux Inc. ensures that your car reaches its destination safely. It is because our company handles the whole car export in containers process in its hands till it reaches its successful completion. Moreover, our company also places the terms of payment for car shipping in containers. All processes that take place during shipment in the invoices of our clients. We expect our clients to make payments at least till two weeks that initiate from the date of invoice. It is because if the payments get as late as a month, we will indicate it on their invoice.

Furthermore, we also expect our clients to confirm their orders for car shipping in containers by sending us an email. Once your car arrives at the destination port, it is incumbent upon the clients to clear all the customs dues. Car shipment we load, unload or hand at every port. Services which we charge for, have to be paid to our agents.

Car export in containers Canada USA Germany Poland Ukraine Holland Austria Switzerland Romania Bulgaria

Our excellent service regarding car shipping in containers

So, if you need to ship your car internationally, we export cars in containers. Before we discuss each of our methods, we feel that it is important for you to know something. We ensure that all our clients’ cars are secured throughout the transportation process. Cars we export we will securely brace it, lock it and tie it that heightens the safety and circumvents any sort of damage. Nevertheless, we also advise our clients to get cargo insurance. This will enhance the protection of the car they wish to transport through the services or our company.

What is car container?

It is important that our clients should know what car container is? Just as any huge and extensive steel box having a rectangular shape, our company uses the car container which we also refer to an intermodal container.

Containers which we use for your car export, are specifically designed to keep the vehicles inside safe, secure. Furthermore, we also keep in mind that since, over the duration of a long trip, our car containers also move from one form of transport to another, the clients’ cars receive the best protection. The cars do not receive the tiniest scratch, and the credit goes to our exceptional securing mechanisms and care.

Why we provide the service of car shipping?

We feel that if our clients opt for car shipping in container service from our company, it will be much better for them. It is because this mode of transfer is applicable on vehicles and cars of diverse natures and suitable you whatever destination point the clients intend their cars to reach. On the whole, many of our clients prefer to utilise the service of containers for their car shipments.

Furthermore, as opposed to Ro-Ro service, the container service is extremely suitable for shipping spare car parts and personal confidential items securely. We place these items conveniently in available spaces.

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