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Container shipping differs from Ro-Ro Shipping in that instead of being driven onto a ship, your car is loaded into a container. The containers may be transported either by land or by sea to their final destination. Usually, it will be done by sea instead of by land, with your container being loaded onto a tanker and shipped across the water. A container may include more than just a single car, which makes it far more cost efficient if you are interested in shipping more than just one car. In fact, the majority of cases, it is cheaper to transport by container instead of transporting Ro-Ro unless you are only exporting one car. Ro-Ro shipping, however, may be required if the vehicle being transported is very large or does not fit in the container. So your choice will depend on your specific needs and the types of cars that you are trying to ship.

The shipping containers can be different sizes. For instance, there can be 20′ containers, and there can be 40′ containers. If you are interested in shipping two cars, you would use the bigger container instead of the smaller one. On the other hand, if you are only shipping your single vehicle across the sea, your best bet would be container shipping with a single smaller 20′ container. Depending on your needs, other accommodations can always be made. Your car will be safely loaded onto the container, and secured properly to prevent any damages. The car is driven into the container. We take care to ensure that everything goes smoothly and your vehicle is exported safely and securely to where you need it to be. The container is transported by sea, and then the car is driven out of the container at the destination. You can then pick your vehicle up, or make arrangements to have it delivered or picked up. You can check out our rates for car shipping cost here.

If you would like to ship your car to another city or country by container, we at Cargoux can help you. As we specialize in international car export, we can definitely assist you  in getting your vehicle transported by container across the ocean. Just contact us if you would like our help, or use our rate calculator to get some price estimates for all your shipment and export needs as well as use our rate sheets. Our services include both land and sea transportation, giving you plenty of options to pick from depending on what your specific needs and vehicle are. If anything is not clear enough, feel free to ask us to clarify or provide a personal quote for you. We can even arrange pickup and delivery for your car, and have it taken to one of our shipping ports for you. All things can be arranged! Our services are based in our home city of Toronto, Ontario in Canada, but we also provide service in many other cities and states in both Canada and the United States of America. We thank you for your business, and are looking forward to working together with you.

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