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Shipping your car through major transportation hub

As our last article focused on the city of New York, let us shift our attention a little south to a lower part of the United States of America. Florida is a major shipping hub for more of the South East parts of the United States, as it is a coastal state with access to prime shipping channels to south America and across the ocean to Europe if need be. Miami is the most populated city of Florida, and is a city on the water and the main shipping port that we use in the state of Florida. 

Florida is the most southern state, geographically speaking. Texas reaches down almost as south, but not quite. As such, a lot of car shipping to and from South America comes from or at least passes through Florida. It is bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, and to the south by the Straits of Florida. The state of Alabama borders Florida to the north west, and the state of Georgia borders it to the north. And, of course, as Florida is a coastal state, the Atlantic Ocean is to the east. There are plenty of channels to ship your vehicle out of Florida by either land or by sea for car shipping Miami.

Having a warm summery climate, Florida is a popular tourist destination. Many people love to visit Florida in the winter, and skip past the coldest months of the year. The kids will love a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, more commonly known as Disney World. You fellow adults may love it too, after all Disney has a family appeal and a lot of us have grown up with it. Be sure to try out an orange, fresh from a Florida tree. Or just take a break, kick back and relax on a beach and sunbathe, maybe go swimming while you are at it. Florida does have something for everyone, each and every member of the family. 

How much would shipping your car from Miami cost? Well, that depends on where you are shipping it to. As you can see from our handy rate calculator on our website, it costs $1250 to ship your car from either central or northern Miami to Toronto, Ontario using either the Copart or the IAAI auction. Miami to Houston would cost you $750, and to Los Angeles would cost you $1100. When considering ocean transportation, it costs $1100 to transport your car from Florida to Barcelona. Shipping to Varna, Bulgaria would cost $1000. Rotterdam in Holland would only cost $700. Different prices depend on the distance traveled, after all – some of these countries will be farther away and thus it will take longer for your shipment to arrive at its destination. But rest assured, we here at Cargoux can always help you ship your car to where it needs to be on your schedule. But we must inform you that all shipments from Miami in Florida require you to provide original Power of Attorney authorizing export, and issued by the owner of the vehicle shown on the title. We wish you the best of luck with your shipment.

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