Car Shipping Bremerhaven

Car shipping Bremerhaven

Car shipping Bremerhaven. In our previous article, we discussed car shipping in the European country of Germany. Specifically how Germany has a large import and export business. That is because some of the neighbouring countries do not have access to the ocean on their own. Because of that, it is much more cost efficient and economical to have their cars transported through the ports in Germany to their final destination. Wherever it may be overseas. Perhaps they need to send their cars to Canada, or to the United Kingdom.

Or perhaps someone needs their car transported to one of Germany’s border countries. The best way to do so is to have the vehicle exported or imported through one of Germany’s ports, such as the port city of Bremerhaven. The port is the connection between the land and the sea. It is through a port that your car will be able to go from the ground it is currently on, across the sea, and to wherever it needs to be.

Bremerhaven Ports

Ports are very important for people who wish to ship their cars to Bremerhaven , other property that they wish to transport, or even at times themselves. Without ports, ocean transportation of vehicles would be far more complicated. What is a port exactly, you may ask? Well, in layman’s terms, a port is a facility where ships can dock and undock. They can unload their cargo and or their passengers. They can be loaded with new cargo and or new passengers before they those ships again for their next destination. A city along a coast is often called a port city, as ports are often built along the coast as well. Consider being thankful for coasts and harbors and ports, and all the economic benefits that they provide us with. 

The main port in Germany

The main port in Germany that we will be focusing on is the port in Bremerhaven we ship cars there. Bremerhaven is a city in the small German state known as Bremen. In fact, the word Bremerhaven directly translated to “Bremen’s harbour”. Bremen is the smallest of Germany’s states, which is a little strange when you consider that most port cities in North America tend to be highly populous. Why is this, you may ask? Well in my opinion, the largest difference is the landmass of the respective countries. Canada and the United States are both very large countries, geographically speaking.

Canada is a good thirty times as big as Germany. It is a huge difference in size. Thus businesses have to set up closer to the ports to have easier access to necessary shipping channels. Compare that to Germany – their highway system is extremely well laid out, efficient, and allows you to get from one end of the country to the other fairly quickly. Plus, there are a lot of other countries surrounding Germany, making it so that companies may find it more convenient to locate themselves closer to their main customer base without being too far away from the ports. It is interesting to consider the various differences between countries and how and why they affect certain aspects of commerce or business.

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