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Car shipping Houston.  The next state we wish to focus on in this series of articles about shipping cars from cities and states in the United States of America is Texas. It is the second largest state in the US. Located in the south part of the country. Specifically, we are focusing on the city of Houston in the state of Texas. It is the most populous city in Texas, and the fourth most populous city in the entire country of the United States of America. That is pretty impressive, the population of the city is over two million! 2.313 million, to be more precise. The population of the state is 28.7 million, so a fairly significant chunk of them live in Houston.

Shipping ports

Isn’t it interesting how shipping ports tend to be in such densely populated areas? Well, that is actually in reverse – people tend to build cities around water.  Which gives them prime access to shipping channels to more effectively move their products and also people. People traveling by sea can more easily access cities that are on the water than those that are landlocked. It is far easier to ship your car across the sea and have it arrive at a port, than have to worry about transporting it by land afterwards.

Thus, a lot of people tend to remain clustered in large cities with access to large bodies of water and important shipping channels. Houston is a city on the Gulf Coast of the United States, which means that it borders the Gulf of Mexico. This grants it access to the Atlantic ocean and shipping channels between countries and other continents. A benefit of shipping from further south is that the waters do not ice over as much in the winter as they do up in Canada, and not as much weatherproofing needs to be done.

Shipping done in USA

A lot of shipping done in the United States is done in Houston, especially shipments going to or coming from South America. Many cargo ships may drop off their inventory at the port. Here are some example prices gotten from our Cargoux Rate Calculator on our home page. Shipping your car from Houston to Gdynia or Gdansk in Poland would cost you $900. The price for ocean transport to Odessa, Ukraine would be $1050. Car export may also be done by land – having your car shipped from Houston to Toronto by land will cost you $1100. Shipping from Houston to New York would cost you $700, to Miami would cost you $750, and to Los Angeles would cost you $650. Those are some of the more popular destinations when it comes to ground transport. 

Visit Texas

What else is there to do in Texas? Well, one option is going to Big Bend National Park. Or visiting a few of the cities. We already mentioned Houston, but there are other cities worth visiting including San Antonio, Amarillo, Dallas, and Austin. Do not be too surprised if you see people with guns. Gun culture is very different in Texas than it is up here in Canada. A lot of people have and carry guns there. There are many art museums, a lot of resorts and parks, and other recreational and tourist destinations. So if you are planning on being in the United States, it is definitely worth a visit.

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