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Car shipping Montreal Canada. Before Toronto became the huge economic powerhouse that it currently is, Canada actually had a different commercial capital of the country. It is hard to imagine, as Toronto has such a large and booming economy, but it was not always the largest one. The previous capital of commerce for the country of Canada is actually the city of Montreal in the province of Quebec. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a thriving city with a large and powerful economy and a good car shipping industry, it simply is no longer the largest. That honor now goes to Toronto, which surpassed Montreal in both population and economic strength in the 1970s. So let us talk about the French Canadian city of Montreal.

City of Montreal

Montreal is a city located in the province of Quebec. Because of this, the primary language in Montreal is French. Quebec is the French province of Canada, and it is the second most populous province in the country. Do not worry if you do not know French – you can always find a translator. While the province of Quebec is predominantly French speaking, many people still speak English. Especially those that operate in international car shipping, as English is a more dominant business language in the world than French is. When coordinating with ports and other companies that specialize in car shipment, it is easier to correspond in English. So you are bound to find workers that speak English when you are shipping your car out of Montreal, Quebec.

Quebec is to the north east of Ontario. It shares access to the Hudson Bay with Ontario, along with Manitoba and Nunavut. The large body of water, not the large retailer chain that uses the name. It is a saltwater bay that allows for easier inter provincial trade and shipping between these four provinces. The east coast of Quebec also borders the Atlantic Ocean, which allows them to ship overseas to Europe.

Car shipping rates

If you are thinking of exporting a vehicle out of Montreal, here are some price estimates for you. The cost of shipping your car from Montreal to Toronto is $450. If you wish to cross the border down into the United States of America and ship it down to New York, the price goes up to $1150, and it costs $1750 to ship it down all the way to Miami in the state of Florida, or to Houston in the state of Texas.

We export your car from Montreal all the way down to Los Angeles in California, it will cost you $1950. That is pretty much the farthest you can go by ground. One must be sure to consider all of the logistics of dealing with customs, crossing the border, and making sure to comply with all local laws and regulations. Of course, we here at Cargoux would be glad to help you with all your international and inter provincial car shipping needs. Check us out on Facebook for other information.

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