Transporting car to Newark

Transporting car to Newark

When considering car transporting in the United States of America, there are certainly plenty of options available to you. It is a huge country, after all. In this case, we are focusing on the city of Newark in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey is a peninsula beside New York. Interestingly, land mass largely surrounded by water on many sides. But not entirely so because it does still border the neighboring states of New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

It is fairly far north, when you consider how far south the United States of America extend. Toronto and New Jersey are about seven hundred and seventy five kilometers apart by car. A seven and a half hour drive is not that long a distance.  If you compare it to the distance between Toronto and Miami in the state of Florida, for example. The distance there is almost two thousand four hundred kilometers. That is a twenty two and a half hour drive. If I had to choose one, I would definitely prefer to drive from Toronto to Newark as it is not nearly as far.

Car transporting prices

Car transporting prices will always vary, and specific routes for both ground and ocean transportation will be either more or less efficient depending on where in the world you are transporting your car from, of course. The distance between your origin point and your destination is typically one of the biggest influences on the price of exporting your vehicles. It is not that difficult to see why this is – just think about it.

The farther it is that your car has to travel, the more expensive it will be to transport it. More gas will have to be burned if your car is being transported by ground. More wear and tear will be done to the truck that your car is loaded onto, and farther that it has to drive the more it will end up costing you for the service. Transport across the ocean follows a similar idea. Ships also have to refuel, which is a cost factored into the quotes you will be offered.

Newark in the state of New Jersey

So if you are transporting a car out of Newark in the state of New Jersey, be sure to consider the distance your car will have to travel.  Plus the route that it will take. Know if you are able to get to the destination by ground, or if you must travel by sea. New Jersey is a peninsula as previously mentioned, so ocean transportation is also easily available.

With easy access to the North Atlantic Ocean, exporting across the ocean to Europe is also an option available to you. If you need to get your car to Asia though, things will start getting a little more expensive. Asia is to the west which means you could likely have to go around or ship from a western port, while Europe is to the east and thus much easier to access via the Atlantic Ocean. Whatever option you require, feel free to contact us at Cargoux Shipping Inc or visit our Facebook and we would be glad to assist you with all your car transporting needs.

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