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Auto shipping to Austria in a container with exit port to Vienna

Auto shipping to Austria? Being located in central Europe, you are pretty much right in the middle of everything. Should you wish to visit Germany, Czechia or Poland, you can go north. If you wish to go from Austria to Switzerland or France, you can go west. Should you crave some fine Italian cuisine or have relatives in Slovenia, going south would be your best option. And to the east you have Slovakia and Hungary, which then lead you to other countries such as Romania or Ukraine. No matter where you wish to go, shipping your auto to Austria is definitely a good start.

Shipping your auto to Austria ? Definitely a possibility available to you.

If you are traveling from any of those countries on the continent of Europe, you may ship your auto to Austria by land. It can be driven there, or loaded onto a truck and transported there that way. How long this will take depends on the distance that you are shipping your auto to Austria across. Driving across the border from a bordering country such as Switzerland or Slovenia will not be a very big deal. It’s a very short distance, after all.

Shipping from a further country such as Russia will be more complicated. You will have to cross multiple borders for a shipment from that distance. For example – from Russia, you cross the border into Ukraine, then into Hungary or Slovakia, and then finally your auto will arrive at its final destination in Austria. Should you be traveling from France, then you can have your auto shipped across the border from France to either Germany, Switzerland, or Italy. Those countries border both France and Austria, so you can get there from any of them.

RoRo auto shipping

Further more if you are more interested in shipping your auto to Austria by sea, RoRo Shipping (Roll On Roll Off Shipping) is available to you. With one minor caveat. Austria does not actually border any large bodies of water, it is landlocked on all sides. Sure, you have the Obsersee and Bodensee to the north west, and the Neusiedler See on the eastern part of Austria, but neither of those connects to any major seas or oceans. You will not be able to directly ship your auto to Austria by sea. However, not all hope is lost. You may have your auto shipped to a port in another country, and then transported to Austria afterwards.

If you wish to cross the least amount of borders, your destinations will be either Germany or Italy. Germany borders the Baltic Sea, along with the North Sea which flows into the North Atlantic Ocean. This gives you a lot of choices, as the ocean borders a lot of countries.

Italy borders the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and allows access to both the Black Sea and also the North Atlantic Ocean via the Gibraltar Strait. So while you cannot ship your auto to Austria by sea directly, you have a lot of available options if you are willing to cross an extra border or two. In addition make sure that you can clear customs, follow all local laws and regulations for whichever countries you are shipping your auto across. Contact us here at Cargoux for help with any of your shipping needs! Visit our Facebook for updated news and information

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