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We are your vehicle and car shipping company Toronto. A thriving, ever growing city at the heart of Ontario. While it is not the capital city of Ontario, that would be Ottawa. Toronto it’s generally a much bigger and more popular metropolitan area. However, the Greater Toronto Area also consists of various other municipalities in the area. Mississauga, for example, is not typically seen as part of Toronto.

After all, it is an entirely different, distinct and unique city. However, it is definitely a part of the Greater Toronto Area. Vehicles and cars shipped from the Greater Toronto Area, or from other places in Ontario and sometimes even other states, tend to use Toronto as the central shipping hub. Their cars are first taken to Toronto, loaded onto a ship or container, and then ferried across the ocean. We ship to whatever their destination city and country may be.

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Mississauga is in the Peel region, for instance, along with the nearby cities of Brampton, Caledon, Oakville. Mississauga is also a major shipping hub, and an Amazon fulfillment center. Many things purchased in other provinces are shipped to Mississauga, from where they are distributed to other parts of Ontario. International vehicle shipments and cars also tend to get sent there. This is because has access to all three forms of shipping – land sea and air.

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The city is on Lake Ontario, which gives it access to the ocean and international ocean based shipping. We can ship your cars on ships to Mississauga as well as T.O, and they can also be shipped there by ground. Additionally, the city is home to the Toronto Pearson International airport. It is Canada’s busiest airport, through which many planes carry both passengers and cargo to other provinces or countries. This makes it have a thriving business district as well. Due to the convenient logistics of having access to shipping channels by land, sea, and air, many Canadian and other multinational companies and corporations have their headquarters located in Mississauga and in other cities in the GTA. 

The proximity to T.O is a big reason many cities in the GTA are as big and successful as they are. However, several of the smaller cities do have their own charms. They have a much lower population, and lower home prices than in the city of Toronto itself. People living in the GTA will likely have their cars shipped from the city specifically, but the cars can always be driven to Toronto and then shipped out. Other forms of international shipment and commerce are also plentiful in the Greater Toronto Area. It is a popular place to live and work, and we at Cargoux base serve our operations in Toronto as well. We are your vehicle and car shipping company. Visit us on Facebook, or visit our blog page for more information.

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