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Car Shipping to Switzerland,

and see what this beautiful country has to offer.
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Car shipping to Switzerland? What makes a country turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or was it just born with a heart full of neutrality?

Located in central Europe, Switzerland can be a fairly difficult country to ship your car to. While it does have rivers and lakes, none of them connect to an ocean that you can ship your car through by boat. Instead, you will have to enter Switzerland through one of its four bordering countries.

Bordering countries

The four countries that border Switzerland are Italy, Austria, Germany, and France. Italy would be the best option if you are shipping your car to Swizerland from a country that borders the Mediterranean Sea or the Tyrrhenian Sea. If your starting location is anywhere in the Middle East, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Albania, or any country close to those, Italy would be the best option for you.

If you’re starting from across the North Atlantic Ocean, such as Canada or the United States of America, France would likely be your best option. It’s also very close to the United Kingdom. Germany is a solid choice as well, especially if you’re starting from a more eastern part of Europe. Countries such as Poland and Ukraine are closer to Germany, so you can get your car shipped there by land.

So what is there to see in Switzerland?

For one, it’s very geographically diverse. There are a lot of beautiful lakes and rivers, and some breathtaking mountain ranges. The weather tends to be rather nice, but it can vary largely from season to season as the country does have a temperate climate. The three largest towns in the country are Zürich, Geneva, and Basel. Switzerland has a very diverse culture, with three of Europe’s biggest languages being official languages in the country. German is the most spoken language in Switzerland, followed by French and Italian. Be sure that you have a way of communicating with people before visiting their country. 

Visiting Switzerland

Just like the country, we are fairly neutral about it. Our your goal is to get your car shipped to Switzerland specifically. There’s always a way to get your vehicle to wherever you want it to be. If your goal is a tour of Europe, we’d suggest shipping your car to France or Germany first, then visiting Switzerland from there. However, due to all the mountains and the fact that the country is entirely landlocked, it does not make a very good shipping destination in and of itself. 

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